Yennis Cheung
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Actor, Singer & Model
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The daughter of two Beijing Opera performers, Yennis Cheung-yan was raised in Hong Kong. As a teenager she won the Hong Kong inter-schools singing contest. At fifteen she won a place at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in classical opera. At around this time, Yennis joined the band Multiplex. At one Multiplex concert, Yennis came to the attention of an executive from Sony BMG (HK). She was signed as a recording artist, and released three solo albums: "YENNIS CHEUNG", "SEALED ROOM", "ECCENTRICITY", and was warm up support for ANASTACIA when she performed in HK. An opportunity came to guest on a track by hip hop act, MP4. "WHAT IS LOVE?" proved popular throughout Asia, and Yennis toured with them to capacity audiences.

Yennis’ acting career began with musicals and stage plays. After completing an acting course organised by the Hong Kong Directors’ Guild, she made her screen debut in the independent film “Under the Rainbow”. Roles in more commercial Hong Kong films followed, including “Love and Let Love”, Take Five”, “PR Girls”, and “Hero of the City”.

Yennis enjoyed pursuing both her singing and acting careers in Asia, recording, performing in Malaysia and China, as well as acting in radio and television dramas. She also found time to perform in three plays for respected Chinese director Edward Lam.

After relocating to London, England, she was cast as Boa Mai in the Irish TV sitcom “THE ENGLISH CLASS”. In 2009, she worked as an actress in the film "SHANGHAI" and BBC TV series "SPIRIT WARRIORS". In 2012, she can be seen in her role as floating dragon cashier on "SKYFALL" (Bond 23) alongside Daniel Craig.

Yennis has also appeared in advertisements for (among others) Blackberry, Amex, Phones 4 U, Nokia, Puma, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, DFS, Casio and HSBC. She has also worked as a presenter for Phoenix TV in Hong Kong, and for Casio Online and Sumo TV in the UK. .
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